Week 5: Viewing the web through Kartuli Glasses

After meeting some local software developers we found that

  •  Many technical words are simply transliterations of English into Kartuli, and
  •  Many iPhone users don’t have a Georgian keyboard, as a consequence roughly 5% of comments on Facebook are in romanized Kartuli.
  • The most popular browser in Georgia (in Batumi, and the villages which are who we are able to ask) is actually Chrome!
  • Georgians go to school 100% in Kartuli, even during the USSR times. They have a very very high fluency in their native alphabet and reading in general.

This meant if we built a Chrome Extension which can transform all English letters into their Kartuli equivalent, then Georgians who aren’t entirely fluent with the English alphabet can read more content on the web. So far it seems to work great for Facebook, and for Google plus, but it can also be used on any web page!


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