About iLanguage Lab

The iLanguage Lab seeks to put Natural Language Processing and FieldLinguistics into the pockets of consumers by building productivity tools and plugins which adapt to the user’s iLanguage. We develop Machine Learning, Image Processing and Natural Language Processing pipelines for information extraction and information visualisation using a data-centered and context-rich approach. Many of our tools and libraries are OpenSource and freely available on GitHub.

We develop and test our tools & plugins in collaboration with researchers at UdeM, UQAM, McGill and Concordia in the form of Android experimentation tools and/or data collection apps with the goal of transmitting technical skills to research labs to automate their data collection and data entry processes. We also provide training on existing OpenSource tools for Speech Recognition, Speech-Text Alignment, Acoustic Analysis, Eye Gaze Analysis, Image Processing, Scraping, Information Extraction, Corpus Analysis and Machine Learning. For undergrads in Speech Language Pathology, Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Computer Science and Software Engineering we offer paid and unpaid internships in OpenData, Data Analysis, Data Collection and Data Automation.


We are located in Downtown Montréal. Metro: Berri-UQAM, across from the CBC/Radio Canada, on the corner of René Lévesque Est and Wolfe, Montréal Québec.

For the Spring 2016 semester our open source office hours are on Fridays, usually between 10 and 8pm, contact Hisako if you want to come by.


Are you an iLanguage Lab fan? You can find past and current members on LinkedIn or get our news updates on Facebook. If OpenSource code is your thing, you can fork our code on GitHub.



Lab Members

Alexandre – HTML5 Intern Spring 2014 (U de Montréal, M.Sc. Psycholinguistics & Toulouse III, B.A. Computer Science)
Bahar – Android Software Engineering Intern Spring 2012 (Concordia, Ph.D. Software Engineering)
Curtis – Inuktitut Intern Fall 2011 (Concordia, B.A. Linguistics)
Diana – Data Intern Fall 2011 (McGill, M.Sc.A. Speech Pathology & Concordia, B.A. Linguistics)
Dominique – Open Data Intern Fall 2013, Spring 2014 (U de Montréal, B.A. Speech Language Pathology)
Elise – JavaScript Intern Fall 2012, Spring 2013 (McGill, B.A. Field Linguistics)
Émmie – Open Data Intern Fall 2012 (U de Montréal, B.A. Speech Language Pathology)
Farah – QA Analyst
Gina – Android Developer
Hisako – Coordinator
Joel – PostDoc 2014-2016 (UBC, Ph.D. Field Linguistics, Concordia COULD Project)
Josh – DevOps
Kim-Dan – JavaScript & Open Data Intern Fall 2012 (U de Montréal, B.A. Speech Language Pathology)
Laura – Phonetician
Louisa – JavaScript Intern Spring 2013, Summer 2015 (McGill, B.A. Field Linguistics)
M. E. – PostDoc 2012 (U Delaware, Ph.D. Field Linguistics)
Sid – Data Intern 2011 (Concordia, B.Eng. Computer Engineering)
Theresa – Java Developer
Tobin – JavaScript Developer
Veronica – QA User Experience Intern Summer 2015 (Norwich, B.A. Psychology)
Yuliya – JavaScript Intern Summer 2012 (McGill, M.A. Field Linguistics)

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