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Welcome 2015 Summer Interns

Welcome 2015 summer interns Louisa Bielig who just graduated from a BA Honours at McGill and Veronica Cook-Vilbrin who will be entering Norwich University as a student in the fall.

Louisa recently presented her honours thesis “Resumptive classifiers in Chuj high topic constructions” at GLEEFUL and Harvard Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquia. Louisa was a previous intern on the FieldDB project where she helped build a tool to use the Inuktitut Bible as a corpus to supplement fieldwork. She has been using the FieldDB project for a few years to collect data for her thesis and for her research advisor’s projects. This summer she will be using Git, SublimeRegular ExpressionsYeoman, Angular.js, Jasmine, and CouchDB to improve the tools which users use to clean their data.

You can follow Louisa’s work on Github:


Veronica is a former mechanical engineering student turned to psychology. In preparation for running experiments and automating statistical analyses this summer she will be learning GitSublimeCouchDB, LibreOffice, Google Analytics, Yeoman, Angular.js, Jasmine and Travis to give iLanguageCloud users an update based both on the what the users are requesting, but also based on a behavioural analysis of what users have tried to do.

You can follow Veronica’s work on Github: