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Week 7: Searching for court cases in Kartuli

Since Kartuli is an agglutinative language with very rich verb morphology searching for appropriate results is very difficult. Over the past few weeks of observing it seems like most Kartuli speakers prefer to search using Russian search engines, using Russian vocabulary. Mari (who is a lawyer) and Gina decided to create a corpus of law cases in Kartuli, and see if the FieldDB glosser can help build a stemmer that might be used for searching in Georgian.

While Mari was teaching Gina and Esma how to use the Georgian court websites, in the middle she showed them how she modifies her search terms to get some results in supreme court cases, unlike the constitutional court search page which lets you search for an empty string and see all results… This was an illuminating¬†experience of searching as a minority language speaker, so we decided to share it as an unlisted YouTube video despite the poor image quality.

Supreme Court

* Requires search to find documents
* Need to use very general search terms to get any results, and results you get are not always relevant to your case you are working on
* Documents are .html which is excellent for machines but Mari didn’t seem to excited about it, we will ask her more later


Constitutional Court
* Requires no search to find documents
* Documents are in .doc format which users are used to
* Easy to download documents so you can read them offline when you are in the village, or put on a usb key if you are using someone else’s computer for the internet.