The Bilingual Aphasia Test: now available on Android

Since last April we have put our Speech Language Pathology interns Émie, Kim and Catherine hard to work learning Git, Gimp, ImageMagick, Sox, FFmpeg, Praat, Eclipse, XML and Java to bring the Bilingual Aphasia Test to touch tablets. The Bilingual Aphasia Test was created by Michel Paradis as well as other members of the Bilingual Aphasia community world wide. The Bilingual Aphasia Test is a normalized test containing 30 subsections to diagnose and treat bilingual/multilingual Aphasia patients. The BAT is available in more than 50 language pairs.

AndroidBAT is an interactive OpenSource application of the Bilingual Aphasia Test (BAT) stimulus book. AndroidBAT is a ‘virtual paper’ of the original BAT paper version. Unlike a computer application, the AndroidBAT is designed to simulate the flexibility of the original paper BAT, with the added benefit of allowing for a diversity of data collection integrated directly into the test. AndroidBAT allows recording of eyegaze and audio during a patient’s interview, without visible external camera or microphone, while providing more analyzable data (e.g., eye-gaze, audio, touch, etc.) than the paper format. Data can then be easily synced or shared with colleagues. AndroidBAT works on tablets and phones.

Want to use the BAT with your participants? You can download the Android Bilingual Aphasia Test on Google Play.

Our interns also braved Javascript and built the Bilingual Aphasia Test Scorer which allows clinicians to enter the data gathered during the BAT and get a patient profile on competencies such as phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon, reading, writing, speaking, short term language memory and comprehension among others.

Twenty years ago we had two applications to score the BAT (Bilingual Aphasia Test), the PCBAT and the MacBAT. At the Academy of Aphasia annual meeting in October 2011 members of the Bilingual Aphasia Test community got together, and decided to make a web-based BAT scorer, that will run on any computer, on any mobile device, anywhere. Bilingual Aphasia Test Scorer on Chrome Store

Want to adapt the Bilingual Aphasia Test for your participants, or run similar experiments which collect eye-gaze or touch data? The Android Bilingual Aphasia Test is OpenSourced on GitHub

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    L’aphasie chez un bilingue pour Android / Bilingual Aphasia Test application for Android
    Posted: September 14th, 2012

    L’application ‘L’aphasie chez un bilingue’ (développée par Gina Cook & membre de CRBLM, Alexandra Marquis) est maintenant disponible gratuitement pour Android à l’adresse suivante:

    The Bilingual Aphasia Test application (developed by Gina Cook & CRBLM member, Alexandra Marquis) is now available for free for Android at the following address:

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