Stanford NLP Class registration ends soon!

If you’re interested in Natural Language Processing or you have been scraping and have lots of text data the Stanford NLP class a great opportunity to brush up on your regular expressions and learn some tricks. The professors are Dan Jurafsky and Chris Manning. Dan Jurafsky is a leading researcher on investigating the connection between Prosody and written text, and the co-author of Speech and Language Processing.

Natural language processing is the technology for dealing with our most ubiquitous product: human language, as it appears in emails, web pages, tweets, product descriptions, newspaper stories, social media, and scientific articles, in thousands of languages and varieties. In the past decade, successful natural language processing applications have become part of our everyday experience, from spelling and grammar correction in word processors to machine translation on the web, from email spam detection to automatic question answering, from detecting people’s opinions about products or services to extracting appointments from your email. In this class, you’ll learn the fundamental algorithms and mathematical models for human language processing and how you can use them to solve practical problems in dealing with language data wherever you encounter it.


We are hosting a small bi-monthly NLP get together to discuss and apply the Stanford NLP class to some local Montreal data. If you’re interested you can join us, leave us a comment below and we will tell you about our meeting times.

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